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Getting math homework help in the form of a tutor is definitely a way to encourage not only proper learning skills, but will enable a prosperous engagement between the student and the tutor. This is something that can enrich the ability to engage in these types of learning relationships that will last a lifetime, making it easier to incorporate learning situations into the life of someone who will go on to college, trade school, and even attend seminars.

Learn to Learn 08

We are researching ways to improve teaching and learning in schools. The ideas will be used to help us make leaflets on the Right to Learn (see online lesson plans).  Read the questions below and then type your answers into a comment box below.

REMEMBER: Only give us your first name and country, i.e. Alex, UK. Your email address will not be displayed on the website. Make sure your phrases are in very good English, not textease. Any inappropriate posts will be deleted before they are posted live. It will take about 24 hours for your post to be moderated and approved.

1. What helps you to learn better?
2. What makes someone a really good teacher?
3. If you could choose, what would you like to learn?

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Sr Dorothy Stang Web Conference

On 31st January a group of students at Notre Dame, Norwich did a video conference with students at Summit Day School, Cincinnati and Charminade-Julienne High School, Dayton. The theme of the conference is Sr Dorothy Stang, a nun from the Notre Dame Order that campaigned to protect the Amazon Rainforest and its people. Tragically by standing up against illegal logging she was assassinated.

Students participating in the conference were invited to research about the life of Sr Dorothy and the global issue of protecting the rainforests. They then suggested questions for the video conference by typing comments below.

To watch a recording of the conference click here

For more info and teaching resources on the life of Sr Dorothy, click here.

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One world Video

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Is  global warming being caused by our use of oils and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?  Or is it a natural occurence destined to happen?  Also, what effects may global warming cause?  Will renewable and alternative energy sources be embraced thoroughly and quickly enough to avoid disasters?  Is there anything you can do to aid this issue?

Media’s Impact on Society

The media has such a large impact on our views of issues in today’s society. Many times the stories in the news are incomplete or have a biased slant. How do these biased stories affect society? Do you feel as if you are well informed about global issues, and what role does media play in the development of your views about the world?

Government Accountability

World governments are in place to act on world issues such as AIDS, water scarcity, foreign aid to foster development, and women’s rights in Iraq and other cultures.  To what extent should  national governments be held accountable for making progress in these complex, global issues?

U.S. Involvement in Iraq

In March 2003 the United States took action in a controversial decision to declare war on Iraq.  Despite the overthrow of the dictatorship and the lack of finding weapons of mass destruction, troops still remain in Iraq.  When weighing the postivites and negatives of war, has going to war in Iraq had a postitive overall global effect?  Has the war really helped the fight against global terror?